Physical appearances often make a judgment about who we are. Our confidence, self-esteem, trust all begins with personality and physical looks. If your appearance is the opposite of your real personality, you may feel discouraged and face stress and discomfort. As a result, one goes through emotional and mental trauma due, leading to a condition called gender dysphoria. 

If you wish to look exactly like your inner personality, which happens to be of the opposite sex, then gender change is the right treatment for you. The surgery can help you reshape your body to gain the lost confidence and make you feel more positive and happy about yourself.

The gender-changing procedure is not an easy one. There are various steps and methods that an individual has to go through during a gender change surgery. Our gender change hospital in Pune is dedicated to guiding people with gender dysphoria and offering satisfying results. 

4 stages of gender change surgery: 

The first step of your gender change journey will be to diagnose your mental health through psychotherapy. After the sessions, the doctor can diagnose your mental health if you have gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder. 

Hormone therapy is the most important and sensitive part of the procedure. The purpose of hormonal therapy is that it helps your body to develop characteristics and hormones of the desired sex. However, hormone therapy doesn’t give you the complete satisfaction or results you are looking for. But it’s an important step towards the direction you want to go. You can start to feel immense changes in your body with changing hormones.

The next step in the process is to live one year as your desired gender. It’s an essential step. That includes going to work, college, or at the house, and live as your desired gender role. This process also includes changing your name, but it’s optional. This experience and time period will help you transition completely into a new person and hopefully gain confidence. 

By the time for surgery and following all three phases, you will be living as the desired gender. This is the standard set by the WAPTH and is the requirement for most insurance companies to cover your gender reassignment procedure. The sex reassignment procedure depends on your current gender(physically) and the transitioning gender, i.e., from male-to-female, or female-to-male. The procedure is performed with your consent. 

Recovery period. 

The recovery period varies and takes a little time. You may feel a little bit of tiredness and low, but you can drive the car within a week. You won’t be able to strain yourself more physically after each of the different procedures. You can be on temporary medication, but everything depends on the results. 

The process of gender change can be difficult and financially draining, but it is worth it when you look and feel as you want to be emotionally and physically. Everyone has the freedom to choose what they wish to be. 
Karishma Transgender Clinic is the leading gender change hospital in Pune and is one of the most recognized gender clinics in India. We will help you achieve your desires and make you fall in love with yourself. To know more about the different sex-change treatments we offer, feel free to contact us and book an appointment with us.

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