Female To male Surgery

For transgender men, i.e., born in a female body but possess a male persona, it can be difficult to lead a normal life due to severe gender dysphoria and incongruence between their inner and outer selves. Hence, transforming their body into their preferred gender is equivalent to starting a new life. Transgender female-to-male surgeries are more than just personal choice; sex-change surgeries are a medical necessity. These surgeries offer transgender men some crucial benefits, such as improved mental health, boosted morale and self-confidence, decreased gender dysphoria, and the ability to enjoy social relationships as a male.

At Karishma Transgender Clinic, our goal is to be the safest and most advanced cosmetic surgical center for transgender men who seek gender reassignment surgery. Headed by Dr. Suresh Sanghvi, who has decades of experience performing such female-to-male transitioning procedures, we offer a full suite of transgender female-to-male surgery in India to ensure your holistic transition assist you in beginning your new life.

Maly Face Creation

Facial Masculinization Surgery is a combination of facial treatments that ultimately aim to create a chiseled and masculine face. These facial surgeries help portray your first impression as a manly person, and hence, they are treated as a crucial part of your female-to-male transition.

Dr. Sanghvi understands that every transgender man’s facial needs and desires differ greatly, which is why he prefers to conduct a thorough personal consultation to understand your perspective and expectations for these procedures. Some common female-to-male transition procedures include rhinoplasty, chin recontouring, jaw contouring, forehead augmentation, cheek augmentation, thyroid cartilage enhancement, etc.

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Breast Removal (Mastectomy)

Also known as the Top Surgery, Mastectomy is typically the first surgical procedure performed for transgender men who seek female-to-male transition. To be a man, it is extremely crucial for transmen to get a flattened and muscular chest. Mastectomy procedure is designed to remove unwanted breast tissues to create such a masculine chest appearance.

Dr. Sanghvi may suggest multiple procedures to achieve a successful mastectomy, including bilateral mastectomy with nipple grafts, the peri-areolar ”keyhole” technique, adjunctive lateral chest wall liposuction, etc. It is an outpatient procedure that is safe and does not cause any serious side effects.

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Male Genital Creation

Transman can choose to have gender confirmation surgery (GCS) to experience the pleasures of manhood. Also known as female-to-male sex reassignment surgery (SRS), it is a crucial step in a transman’s life as it involves surgically altering the reproductive organs to create a fully functional penis. It involves a number of procedures starting from genitoplasty, hysterectomy, testicular implants, among others.

At Karishma Transgender Clinic, we follow all the global safety standards and guidelines to ensure a safe and satisfactory female-to-male gender change surgery or SRS. Dr. Sanghvi can better guide you in understanding the nuances of this surgery and how it can transform your life.

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Male Figure Creation

Also known as Body masculinization surgery (BMS), it is an ideal option for transmen who wish to achieve a masculine contour throughout the upper and lower body. Since men tend to have a broader upper torso, trimmer waist, and minimal fat in the lower body area, BMS focuses on changing the shape of these areas through multiple liposuction procedures.

Our clinic is equipped with the most advanced liposuction devices that offer exceptional results with minimal to no side effects. It is usually performed on the flanks, inner and outer thighs, upper body, chest, back, and buttocks to decrease the hourglass figure and achieve more masculine contours.

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Why Choose Us To Have Your Female To Male Gender Change Surgeries?

Most of the treatments involved in female-to-male surgeries are complex and prone to risks if not performed by experienced hands. It is paramount to choose an adept surgeon with specialized knowledge and skill in the gender change process. Our board-certified surgeon, Dr. Suresh Sanghvi, has more than 30 years of experience performing sex-change operations. Under his guidance, our staff of doctors and helpers have transformed more than 400 transmen lives with safe and modern treatment methodologies.

At Karishma Transgender Clinic, we understand how important these transgender female-to-male surgeries are for your successful transition process. Not to mention, we treat your integrity as our top priority, which is why our entire staff is trained to offer all services in a respectful and welcoming environment at our world-class gender change hospital in Pune, India.