Feminine Face Creation

The face is the first cue of one’s gender. So for transwomen, getting their facial aspects right is crucial. The eyes, lips, nose, ears, and cheeks individually contribute to creating the gender-specific facial aspects. Hence, they are required to be altered during a male-to-female gender change transition.

Facial Feminization Surgeries (FFS) may be a combination of elective cosmetic treatments, but they are a necessity in this case. In fact, the World Professional Organization for Transgender Health (WPATH) regards FFS as both medically necessary and essential to the well-being of transgender individuals.

While every transwoman patient will require a unique approach to creating a female face, we offer all of these cosmetic surgeries under one roof. Following are some of the essential facial reconstruction surgeries we offer to help you look like the woman you want to be.


A rhinoplasty, or a nose job, is a method of surgically altering various aspects of your nose to make it more womanly and match with your overall facial makeover.

Ideally, masculine noses are prominent with a bulbous tip, while female noses are small and curved, with a well-defined tip. The angle between the forehead and nose of a woman is usually more vertical, and the nose and upper lip angles are more apparent.

It is one of the most common and effective feminizing procedures available for the male to female facial reconstruction.


While performing these different procedures, the facial skin will experience some amount of stretching and straining, which may cause it to loosen and sag. If you’re older in age, you may readily have sagging skin due to the reduced collagen and elastin production. A facelift procedure or rhytidectomy is performed to raise and tighten this facial skin and create more defining facial contours.

The standard facelift procedure also improves the appearance of your neck, chin, cheeks, and temporal regions. The skin of the face and neck is gently separated from the underlying deeper tissues and pulled upwards. Excess skin is trimmed, and its edges are then stitched or stapled. The incision is skillfully hidden in the hairline.

Forehead Lift

A female face typically has a flat profile, with eyebrows that are higher and more arched in appearance. Hence, in a male to female facial reconstruction, a forehead lift may be considered to change the appearance of your loping forehead and straight eyebrows.

There are different ways to perform a forehead lift depending on where the incisions can be placed. These include the Pretrichial Lift, Endoscopic Lift, Coronal Lift, and a Mid-Forehead Lift. Dr. Sangvhi will consider your forehead shape and hair goals before suggesting the best type of forehead lift for your male to female facial reconstruction.

Scalp Hair Advancement

Men tend to have a high M-shaped hairline in their scalp hair, while women have a lower inverted U-shaped hairline. Hence, your frontal hairline is slightly stretched and reshaped to achieve a rounded forehead appearance.

Dr. Sanghvi is also adept in performing hair treatments like mesotherapy and hair transplant, which can also help add hair to the balded regions on your forehead.

Laser Hair Removal

Facial hair is a bothersome subject for every woman. And for transwomen who naturally have the male hormones responsible for facial hair growth, it is an even bigger problem. They have to go through a routine hair removal regime through shaving and waxing, which is extremely painful and discomforting.

Laser hair removal is a safe, non-invasive, and painless procedure for getting rid of facial hair almost permanently. It is performed over multiple sessions, and its results much more long-lasting than the traditional hair removal procedure. Dr. Sanghvi will guide you in understanding if and when you need this treatment.

Lip Augmentation

If eyes are the first defining factor of a women’s appeal, lips are undoubtedly the next. Plump, feminine lips are every women’s desire, and a necessity for transwomen as male lips are rather straight and thin.

This fullness of lips can be easily achieved through biocompatible silicone fillers. These fillers are injected into the lips from the corners or any point that Dr. Sangvhi may suggest. Any desired lip size can be achieved through filler injections to best suit your overall face after your male-to-female gender change transition.

Why Choose Us To Have Your Male To Female Gender Change Surgeries?

Most of the treatments involved in male to female surgeries are complex and prone to risks if not performed by experienced hands. It is paramount to choose an adept surgeon with specialized knowledge and skill in the sex-change process. Our board-certified surgeon, Dr. Suresh Sanghvi, has more than 30 years of experience in treating transgender patients. Under his guidance, our staff of doctors and helpers have transformed more than 400 transwomen’s lives with safe and modern treatment methodologies.

At Karishma Transgender Clinic, we understand how important these transgender male-to-female surgeries are for your successful transition process. Not to mention, we treat your integrity as our top priority, which is why our entire staff is trained to offer all services in a respectful and welcoming environment at our world-class surgical center for gender change in Pune, India.

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