Estrogen Hormone Therapy For Gender Transition

Though produced by both males and females, females have higher levels of estrogen hormone in their bodies. It is responsible for developing feminine physical qualities, such as breasts, lack of body hair, and the characteristic distribution of fat. Transwomen lack this hormone due to their male body features and have an abundance of the testosterone hormone, which develops the masculine features of bodily hair, and increases muscle mass.

Hence, it is clear that transgender women would need to externally enhance their estrogen levels to achieve feminine bodily changes. Feminizing hormone therapy or gender transition hormone therapy is used to induce these physical changes in their body through daily hormone doses.

What Are The Benefits Of Estrogen Hormone Therapy For Gender Transition?

Hormone therapy with estrogen and other medications is often recommended to transwomen who wish to completely transform their bodies for good. Over the course of a year, this male to female transgender hormone therapy causes the following beneficial changes in the body:

Breast Development: Estrogen plays a crucial role in developing breast tissues in women. Hence, it helps develops natural breast fat in transwomen as well.

Body Fat Redistribution: Testosterone causes male body fat to accumulate in the middle of the body, around the waist and abdomen. But estrogen suppresses this hormone and redistributes the fat in their hips, thighs, and buttocks, giving them a more naturally feminine look.

Decreased Facial And Body Hair Growth: The same testosterone triggers bodily hair growth around the face and limbs. So estrogen also helps prevent the regrowth of bodily hair, making the skin smooth and clear.

Decreased Muscle Mass: Estrogen is known to reduce muscle mass in the body, which helps in making your arms and legs more lean and slender like a woman.

Reduced Scalp Hair Loss: While testosterone induces body hair growth, it also triggers scalp hair loss in men, which causes bald patches and receding hairlines. Estrogen also solves this problem by keeping the scalp hair in its growing (anagen) phase for much longer, reducing hair fall naturally.

How Is Hormone Therapy For Gender Transition Carried Out In Transwomen?

In the first four to eight weeks of your gender transition hormone therapy, you will be given a daily dose of diuretic spironolactone (Aldactone) at doses of 100 to 200 milligrams. This medicine helps block the androgen receptors and prevents the absorption of hormones like testosterone.

Later, your estrogen therapy will start to decrease testosterone production and induce feminization. This therapy can be carried out in various ways, such as estrogen pills, injections, or by prescribing estrogen-based creams, gels, or skin patches.

Your doctor may suggest additional therapies to improve the outcomes of estrogen hormone therapy, such as:

  • Micronized Progesterone, which also helps in suppressing testosterone and improves breast development.
  • Finasteride or topical Minoxidil courses are popular treatments for tackling male patterned baldness.

Hormone therapy for gender transition works best in transwomen patients who haven’t been exposed to as much testosterone, such as teens in their early twenties. As for older transwomen, body feminization surgeries may be required in addition to hormone therapy to achieve the well-defined hourglass figure.

Male to female transgender hormone therapy is a complex treatment that requires an individualized, patient-centered approach to gender transition for a safe and efficient outcome. During your preoperative consultation, Dr. Sanghvi will thoroughly discuss your goals from different body feminization surgeries and guide you in understanding this gender transition hormone therapy to help you weigh its pros and cons.

Why Choose Us To Have Your Male To Female Gender Change Surgeries?

Most of the treatments involved in male to female surgeries are complex and prone to risks if not performed by experienced hands. It is paramount to choose an adept surgeon with specialized knowledge and skill in the gender change process. Our board-certified surgeon, Dr. Suresh Sanghvi, has more than 30 years of experience performing sex-change operations. Under his guidance, our staff of doctors and helpers have transformed more than 400 transwomen’s lives with safe and modern treatment methodologies.

At Karishma Transgender Clinic, we understand how important these transgender male-to-female surgeries are for your successful transition process. Not to mention, we treat your integrity as our top priority, which is why our entire staff is trained to offer all services in a respectful and welcoming environment at our world-class gender change hospital in India.