Breast Removal (Mastectomy)

Top surgery or mastectomy is usually the first procedure preferred by trans men during their female-to-male transitioning. Since the curvy breasts don’t go well with the masculine personality, this surgery primarily focuses on removing the breast tissues and fat to transform it into a manly chest.

This surgery helps trans males feel more comfortable in their dressing and posture. Since it is a virtually irreversible treatment, mastectomy results are known to last for a lifetime with some precautions and body care.

How Is The Female To Male Breast Removal Procedure Performed?

The female-to-male mastectomy primarily uses the liposuction tool, a minimally invasive rod-like device that breaks down fat tissues. The rod is linked to an ultrasound machine which generates high-frequency vibrations along the rod. When the rod is placed above a fat layer, it vigorously shakes the tissues, breaking them down into an extractable liquid.

It is a preferred procedure for a female-to-male gender change transition for achieving ideal chest contours

Depending on the amount of breast fat to be removed, Dr. Sanghvi may suggest one of the following two techniques to perform your mastectomy.

Bilateral Mastectomy

This procedure is more effective for trans men who have significantly large breasts. Here, the surgeon creates incisions in the breast creases and inserts the liposuction tool deep into the breast fat.

The device liquefies all the breast tissues along with the milk ducts, which are sucked out through a negative pressure pump.

The breast now contains excess skin, which is carefully incised sutured to form the chest contours. The nipples are removed and downsized to look more masculine and are placed in a lower position.

The procedure is safe and allows complete transformation of large breasts and nipples.

Keyhole Technique

For trans men who are thin with relatively smaller breasts, making large incisions is not be necessary. Hence, the surgeon instead makes a small keyhole size incision, enough to allow the liposuction tool to pass through.

This tiny incision, typically less than an inch, is smartly made in the natural creases where it would remain hidden. Small breasts usually do not require skin or nipple alterations as they don’t grow significantly in this case.

It is one of the most minimally invasive female-to-male gender change surgeries and is performed on an outpatient basis.

Patients with an excessively large amount of breast tissue or chest wall fat tissue may also need to undergo a lateral chest wall liposuction with their mastectomy. Dr. Sanghvi will briefly discuss if you need such added surgeries during your pre-operative consultation.

What Can You Expect When Recovering From Your Female To Male Breast Removal Surgery?

  • The results and recovery period of your mastectomy will vary based on various factors, such as the type of surgery performed, your age, your body’s healing capability, etc. Hence, the final outcome may not be evident right away.
  • It is common to feel diminished nipple sensation post-surgery, but patients typically retain sensation after some time.
  • Your nipple will be covered with a special dressing for up to a week with or without the drain tubes.
  • You will have to minimize your arm movements to preserve the sutures, which means not driving, lifting objects, or stretching them until the surgeon says so.
  • Regular exercise and weight-lifting can be resumed at 6-8 weeks post-surgery. In fact, performing weight-training exercises to build muscle mass before surgery and after recovery can enhance the overall results.
  • Another important factor to know is that mastectomy is a permanent procedure that cannot be reversed. So even if you put on a significant amount of weight, your chest will not grow bigger like before.
  • Most trans men report increased sexual satisfaction following their procedure due to their desired figure.

Why Choose Us To Have Your Female To Male Gender Change Surgeries?

Most of the treatments involved in male to female surgeries are complex and prone to risks if not performed by experienced hands. It is paramount to choose an adept surgeon with specialized knowledge and skill in the gender change process. Our board-certified surgeon, Dr. Suresh Sanghvi, has more than 30 years of experience performing sex-change operations. Under his guidance, our staff of doctors and helpers have transformed more than 400 transwomen lives with safe and modern treatment methodologies.

At Karishma Transgender Clinic, we understand how important these transgender male-to-female surgeries are for your successful transition process. Not to mention, we treat your integrity as our top priority, which is why our entire staff is trained to offer all services in a respectful and welcoming environment at our world-class gender change hospital in India.