Also known as gender confirmation, gender reassignment surgery is a cosmetic surgery to change the gender of individuals. Typically, it is chosen as an elective option for Dyphoria patients. Dysphoria is a clinical condition among transgenders where a biological male identifies and connects as the female and vice versa.  After thorough mental examination and therapy, reassignment surgery is the last resort treatment by many clinics and hospitals to give dysphoria patients the life of their choice.

There are three types of gender reassignment surgery:

Note: Patients should make sure that they provide all their medical records and current medication information. Insurance covers gender reassignment surgery in Pune provided the patient submit the documents to prove the case of dysphoria.

During surgery:

After a thorough case study and one-on-one discussion with the candidate, the surgeon prepares for surgery. Like other surgeries, gender reassignment surgery also starts with general anesthesia application on the surgical sites. Furthermore, the surgery is customized according to candidates’ demands including the following points.

It is important to understand that gender reassignment surgery in Pune is just one part of a big process. Patients are advised to work with a counselor for as long as they feel the need. Gender reassignment is a boon for someone with mental complications and suffering from clinical dysphoria. Make sure that you have enough therapy to clarify what you need.

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