FTM top surgery can help alleviate gender dysphoria, the distress that often occurs when the client is female from birth but identify as male.

The ideal medical specialist for FTM mastectomy surgery in Pune includes a Board-Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who specializes in gender-affirming procedures.

Before surgery:

To undergo top surgery, you’ll need to meet the requirements defined by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). Your mental health evaluation ensures your understanding of the procedure and its impact on your life. In addition, you’ll likely need hormone therapy with testosterone. Achieving full effects takes up to a year and includes redistributing fat away from your chest and broadening your shoulders.

Options available and their procedures:

There are several Female-To-Male top surgery options:

Double-incision surgery with nipple grafts

This is the most common option for FTM. It involves:

Periareolar top surgery

If clients have a small chest, they can undergo periareolar top surgery. It may involve:

Keyhole top surgery

If you have very tight skin, you may be eligible for this procedure. It involves:

 Benefits of FTM top surgery?

The big benefit of maintaining a flat, masculine-looking chest is that the condition can help treat gender dysphoria. Other benefits of each type of top surgery include:

Double-incision top surgery with nipple graft

Periareolar top surgery

Keyhole top surgery

Recovery from FTM top surgery

For recovery after surgery, you will need to:

Many transgender men see the need to undergo some gender affirmation procedure to alleviate the side effects of gender dysphoria. When receiving non-invasive, low-risk care from a surgeon specializing in transgender procedures, they have a better chance at success than patients with routine practices or surgeons who only focus on one area of transition. Visit our clinic if you are looking for consultation and FTM Mastectomy Surgery in Pune. We are specialists in FTM gender reassignment and have successfully performed hundreds of cases.

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